Why Choose Us?

We know your pets are your babies and you want the best care for them you can possibly get.  We also know that care needs to be affordable.  With all the care options out there, why choose to trust us?

You’ve thought about the other options – you could have that uncomfortable conversation asking a friend to care for your pets, but you hate imposing on them.  There’s always the kennel, but the thought of your baby locked in a cold cage is a bit tough to stomach.

How is Noah’s Ark Pets Different?

Experience:  We founded Noah’s Ark Pets in Okinawa in 2005.  We have years of pet care experience and from being bitten to caring for pets during typhoons, we’ve seen it all!  We have many repeat customers and we’d love to help you have a better vacation too!pet sitter

More Options:   We offer “Home Away from Home” Pet Sitting (when your pet stays in a sitter’s home), “Home Retreat” Pet Sitting (when a pet sitter visits your pets in your home), as well as regular care options including Dog Walking and Dog Day Care.

Personalized:  The sitters of Noah’s Ark Pets get to know you and your pets personally to make sure we provide exactly what you’re looking for.  We’ll ask questions about your pets’ likes, dislikes, routines, fears and habits.  We believe we offer the best pet care on Okinawa and we want to make sure you’re happy and satisfied with our care.

Cage-less:  We never cage the pets in our care unless you specify that your pet is caged at certain times.  Let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best to emulate your pets’ home routine.

Professional:  Noah’s Ark Pets is a member of the professional Pet Sitting Organizations including Pet Sitters International (PSI), and Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE).

Affordable:  Noah’s Ark Pets provides high-quality care at an affordable price.  According to PSI’s 2011 survey, the average price for a pet sitter to visit your home (like “Home Retreat”) is $17.75/visit.  The numbers for overnight care like “Home Away from Home” are scarcer, but it typically runs from $45- $80 with about $60/night being the average.  We believe our prices are very competitive for the quality and personalization of care we provide. 

Flexibility:  Noah’s Ark Pets has multiple pet sitters, making us more likely to have space for your pet when you need us.  Having more than one sitter on our team also means we support and cover for each other if unexpected situations arise for an individual sitter.

Your baby needs responsible, loving, personal attention.  More and more pet owners are turning to professional pet sitters like Noah’s Ark Pets for these additional benefits:


Why Choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

sitter catHappier Pets! 

Pets experience less stress with a professional Pet Sitter’s care than when they’re in a strange cage surrounded by barking.  Having a professional pet sitter care for your babies means they are less likely to have stress reactions.  Even though we know we can’t ever replace you, a pet sitter will definitely give your pet plenty of individualized attention and love while you’re away. 

Safer Pets!

Your pets stay healthy because when they stay in a personal home, they’re better protected from the many illnesses that are often passed in kennels.  In a kennel, infections & infestations often go undetected and untreated, putting your pet, family and home in danger.  Should the unthinkable happen and your pet begins behaving as if they have an infection when in our care, we will immediately inform you and treat your pet.

Regular exercise! 

Exercised pets are happier & healthier!  Your pets’ diet and exercise routines continue with your pet sitter’s personal attention.  Few kennels are able to provide the amount and type of exercise your pet is used to, but your pet sitter would love to take your dog on walks when you usually do and play your pets’ favorite games.  Pets are truly creatures of habit and we’ll do our best to keep your their routines unaltered while you’re away.

Less Anxiety for You!

Regular communication with a professional pet sitter reduces your travel stress.  You’ll always know who to contact if you have any questions, and you’ll get regular updates from us about how your pet is doing.

Keep Your Friends!dog cat 3

You’ll be relieved knowing you won’t need to call a friend for a favor.  As much as you trust and love your friends, we understand you may feel bad burdening them with your pets, especially if it’s a last second request.  As long as we have space available, we’d love to care for your pet.

No Breed Discrimination!

We treat all pets as individuals and we accept all breeds as long as your pet is not aggressive.  Often, kennels and other caregivers discriminate on the basis of breed or feel uncomfortable with certain breeds to the point that those breeds get lower quality care.  This is not an issue with Noah’s Ark Pets. 

Experience True Peace of Mind!

You’ll have a better vacation knowing that your pet is in good hands.  Your pet professional will keep you fully informed and respond appropriately to any unexpected situations


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