Pet Rain Gear – Is It Worth It?

Maybe you’re not a big fan of the wet dog smell, but you’re not quite convinced that you need to go out and make a whole new puppy wardrobe purchase.  Really, this pet rain gear/plastic get-up would simply be an attempt to keep Fido dry while he does his business, so how much thought should this really require?

A couple things to consider: cat

Do You Live in a Rainy Area?

If you live somewhere where it rains around 25% of the time, it could be worth it to consider picking up something for your four legged buddy.  If you’re reading this from outside the often rainforest-like Okinawa, you may have great reason to say “no” to this wardrobe upgrade and just move on.  If you’re in Oki, however, consider that Okinawa’s least rainy month (July) has an average of 17 rainy days. 

The other option you’ve considered – namely gluing yourself to a window, watching for a dry patch, then throwing a leash on your dog and screaming outside like a jet plane could work.  (You and your dog may need experience in parkour – We do not recommend this.)  If you opt to stay on the ground, however, Okinawa will give you plenty of opportunities to use doggie rain gear.

Does Your Dog Use Pee Pads?

If you can use pee pads, you can easily chuck the whole idea of buying pet rain gear on the trash heap – however, there always is the consideration of fashion if you are so inclined.  Rain wear can be particularly adorable. 

Does a Wet House Bother You? dog 10

If you absolutely hate it when rain finds its way onto your couch cushions, gets shaken onto your walls, and pools in that wet spot after you walk puppy, pet rain gear could be a simple sanity saver. 

As a personal side note, our dogs always have a dramatic hey-day after wet walks.  They attack all soft surfaces, rolling and rubbing all the rain water off.  They fly around they house with an intensity you’d find if they were being attacked by zombies.  They clearly assume our deepest wish is to watch their show.  If yours do the same, you may opt for rain gear instead of season tickets to the puppy show this year (while saving your house in the process).

Does your cat go outdoors?

Believe it or not, the photo that started me writing this post is the one above of the cat in a bright yellow hooded raincoat – if you have an outdoor cat, do you think a rain coat could work for you?  I admit, I found it tough to believe that a cat wouldn’t quickly claw his rain wear into oblivion, but you may have a cat who is very well suited to rain wear.  If you are one of the few who bring their cat on walks, this could be a good option for you. 

Pet Rain Gear Options dog 4

There are definitely plenty of options for pet rain wear out there – you can find dog rain coats, rain boots, Doggles and even dog umbrellas (no kidding!)  See a few examples in the gallery below.

Dog raincoats come in both short and long versions, both with or without hoods in any color you can dream up. You can even see one coat below that’s designed to protect your dog from mud – it covers the legs and stomach instead of the back!

Rain boots come in many varieties – tall or short, hard or softer materials, loud or demure colors, and they may also be useful for protecting Fido’s paws during walks on Okinawa’s hot pavement during sunny days.

Doggles come in many varieties and can be used as rain gear.  They also work well when used to block the sun or protect a dog’s eyes from flying debris when sticking their heads outside car windows.

Dog umbrellas (or “Dogbrella”) are a pretty fun idea that could be a convenient solution to getting your dog out the quickest while avoiding the wet dog smell.  As a side benefit, they also qualify as a great gag gift.

Whether you choose to let your pet enjoy the rain “au natural” or to try out of the options above, we wish you many wonderful walks with your best friend – in the rain or not!

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