Home Away from Home

We are currently not offering Home Away from Home Care – we apologize for that. 

We’d love to visit your pet in your home as a part of our Home Retreat package instead while you’re away!


If you’d prefer your pet stay with us in a sitter’s personal home while you’re away, this is the package for you!  We provide a open, loving home and a fenced yard for your dog to enjoy. site dog

Pet Sitting in a Sitter’s Home:

$20/Day for 1st Pet
$14/Day for each additional Pet

This is a very popular package, and while I wish we could take every pet, we can’t guarantee there will be room available on your vacation dates – you can dramatically improve your chances of getting into our schedule by contacting us in advance!

If we can’t accommodate you doe to space restrictions, please know that we’d still love to make your vacation better by caring for your pet!  We encourage you to consider the “Home Retreat” package as an option while you’re away!