Dog Walking

If your dog needs some attention and exercise during the day, we’d love to stop by for a brisk walk!  Scroll down to see how regular dog walks can make all the difference!isolated jack russell terrier holding leather leach over white background

20 Minute Dog Walks

$10/Walk for the 1st Dog

$7/Walk for any additional Dogs

Your walker will show up during a 2 hour time window you specify, walk your dog for 20 minutes, then make sure they have enough water available when they get back.  We do not pack walk, meaning we do not walk dogs from more than one family at once.  This helps keep both us and the dogs safe & sane

Regular Dog Walking has been linked to several benefits – for your dog, but also for you!  These include:

1.  Better health & longer life for Fido (better heart & lung health, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles & bones, less weight gain, relieves constipation, & decreased stress)

2.  Lower vet bills for you!

3.  Fido will be calmer during the day

4.  Fido will show fewer destructive behaviors (chewing, digging, scratching)

5.  Fido will exhibit fewer bothersome “attention getting” behaviors (whining, barking, jumping up on people)

6.  Fido will be less hyperactive (knocking over furniture & children in enthusiasm)

7.  Helps Fido become more trusting of other people & animals if he is timid or fearful