• Your Dog’s Teeth

    Dental Care for Dogs Dental hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for human beings!  Plaque builds up on dogs’ teeth just as it does on ours.  After plaque builds up, it hardens to become a coarse brown substance called tartar.  Tartar eventually accumulates and works its way under the gums, causing painful infections and gum disease.  Read full Article …

    dog dental
  • Make Your Own Cat Hideout!

    I ran across this awesome idea today – I thought it looked pretty fun!  It may the perfect time of year for this while the kids are out of school – with their “help”, you could be pretty booked up for most of an afternoon.  Thanks to Martha Stuart for the directions. Clicking the photo will take you to  instructions Read full Article …

    new 2-story-cat-house

We’ve Moved!

As my husband and I were selected for a special job in September of 2013, we left Okinawa and moved back to the USA far quicker than we anticipated.  We are no longer able to provide pet care – we’re sorry about that!  We recommend you search within Oki Yard Sales for other care providers. Good luck in your search and we hope you enjoy your time in Okinawa!


Okinawa’s Best Pet Care

Noah’s Ark Pets provides Okinawa’s Best Pet Care. We are lifelong animal lovers and experienced Pet Sitters who make sure your pet gets the best possible care while you’re away.   We’d love to visit your pet while you’re on vacation or walk your dog while you’re at work!

We have been pet sitting since 2005 and are members of Pet Sitters International (PSI) and the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE).

We hope to meet you and your pet soon!

Our Pet Sitters

HannahHannah Tumbnail

When I first got to Okinawa in 2005, I was frustrated that there weren’t good pet care options available. I dreaded asking friends to care for my dogs and hated the thought of putting them into a kennel while I traveled.

Nichole Nichole
There have been pets in my family for as long as I can remember. Both cats and dogs, some who were strays or pets that others didn’t have the time or space to take care of, so we opened our home to them.

NikkiNikki cropped Noahs Ark Profile Pic

I’ve grown up with tons of animals in my life. Dogs and rabbits in my own home, cats and dogs with all my friends, and birds with the rest of my family. With being around them all the time,  I found myself loving them more and more.